Missing shading/materials tabs/buttons?


I’m new to Blender. When I have an object (e.g. basic mesh cube) selected (either in object or edit mode) and then choose ‘Shading’ / ‘Material buttons’ from the Buttons Window, all I get in that window is one ‘Preview’ tab with nothing in it and one ‘Links and Pipeline’ tab with a few buttons – not the array of tabs and options which the docs etc. tell me I should find. Consequently I can’t do anything about materials or shading.

The other buttons (Lamp, World, …) do work fine as far as I can see.

This is Blender 2.49b running on Linux Mint 9.

Any ideas what might be wrong? Thanks.

To apply all the options, you first need to create your material. Select your object and in the Links & Pipeline panel select the Add New.This will create the material and all the other options will then become available.


Thanks Richard, yes noticed it eventually…

Also found materials libraries e.g. from http://www.blender.org/download/resources/

Another question then: is there some way to set up a bunch of materials as standard ones that are available to every new scene you make (rather than importing materials one by one?)


Load all the materials you want to be there as standard. Next to each material name press the ‘F’ button. This gives the material a fake user which fools blender in to thinking it is being used by an object so it doesn’t delete it when you restart blender. Then use Ctrl+U to save this as your default startup file.

Just remember that your .blend files will all be bigger if you include all the materials in every file.

if you don’t want to change your default setup, then just save a .blend with all the materials that you have and when you need one, use link/append to bring them into the current .blend file you are working on. This way, each .blend file isn’t a large file.