Missing Shape Key?

I’ve got a model with two Shape Keys animating the way I want. The mesh smoothly alters from the Basis to shape “Up” then through Basis to “Down” and finally back to Basis. All good. After creating and placing a Group of the model, the Group is missing the “Up” key everything else is there . . . . Is there a fix?!?



  • Leo

I d/l’d your file and it does not seem to missing any shape key deformations – here’s an OpenGL anim (.avi, Xvid codec) of the Timeline range – is it what you expect?

I can put it into Quicktime if that’s more convenient.

Both shape keys show full IPO curves as you describe. Really can’t see anything wrong here.

Thanks for the quick reply!

After much gnashing of teeth I’ve figured it out!!

I’d forgotten to add cyclical extension to the shape key IPOs!!

Now it’s all good!!