Missing 'Special Character' in Text menu?

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I’m looking around at the fonts in Blender and I wanted to see what special characters were available for Blender to be able to use. Now, I’ve pinned down most of them (even ‘Promillage’, which is the percentage sign with an extra circle at the bottom) but I can’t seem to find what the ‘Circle’ character is. For those of you who don’t know what I mean then type up some text and go into edit mode. Then go into the ‘Text’ menu (next to the ‘View’ and ‘Select’ buttons) and click on the ‘Special Characters’ option and you will get a small list. If you add a ‘Circle’ from that menu, you probably won’t get anything like me. Now, I have tried a number of different fonts, even the common comprehensive ones but I still get no results.
So, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the ‘Circle’ character from the ‘Special Characters’ menu actually is?

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PS: It was hard to figure out in which thread to put this topic in so I had to guess the right one. I’m probably wrong, though.

Hi MixMash,

Special characters are dependent and the font you are using. If the character that is being pasted doesn’t have the same mapping as Blender is using (from the menu) then you’ll get an unexpected character in its place. This might be an old option that needs updating/fixing. Below are a few characters chosen with the square one :smile: being the “Circle”. You’ll note they are different between the 2 fonts. Top is Calibri and the lower is Arial.

Are you using Windows? If so the application “Character Map” is what you are looking for. This will list all available characters (for a selected font). Then choose the character(s) you want then paste into Blender. Other OSs will have similar utilities I’m sure.


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OK, thank you for that info. By the way, I am more educated in regards to fonts than you would assume but I do appreciate your info nonetheless. So, basically, ‘Circle’ is just an empty glyph then? What a waste of a valuable glyph position! I suppose I am glad that I came across the extra ‘Accent’ characters you can add with Blender, though, which will add to my repertoire of font character usage.
I thought that maybe this would be a Linux problem and that none of their fonts were comprehensive enough but looks like I was wrong.

I just think that it is just a shame that the program doesn’t utilise the full range of characters/glyphs of a font INCLUDING ligature characters.

Anyway, thanks for that.

I hope to look at a future of better font/text management in further Blender versions. Just NOT emojis. Please, not Emojis…


PS: That ‘Square’ character that is meant to be the ‘Circle’ is just a placeholder character/glyph which represents empty slots in a font. Personally, I think that it can be unprofessional to leave them in their but considering font can have a few hundreds of characters, it’s easy to forget to deal with them.