Missing steps


Hope this fits into this section:

When creating a fancy character, i hoften miss some step by step guidance THROUGH the processes.
All the indications on BlenderWiki or other tutorials sites are pretty well done… but every technic or creation step is there very much on its own.
Could there be some place where some complete shemas of workflow could be shown?

For example:

To have YOUR CHARACTER’S CLOTHING done right, do the following:

  1. Create your character’s mesh
  2. Give it textures and wished material
  3. Make an Armature and test it
  4. Constraint your character to the Armature and test
  5. Creat the clothing meshes
  6. Constraint the clothing to the Armature
  7. Animate your character along the timeline
  8. Only than (??) add cloth deformer to the clothing
  9. Bake each clothing part
  10. Make a test playback

Something like that, juste to prevent wasting time with having to find out (after tons of frustrating tries) that we did it upside down for hours of fumbling blindly.
(Please correct if that workflow example is complet nonsens!)

What do you think? It could help many to have a place to find sort of main lines…

B. R.


Must be because my workflow is somehow wrong, but, gosh! Right now, i get another issue:
Pants work fine (they follow the gestures) with baked cloth. But the poncho just remain at the spot when the character moves!

Is there any complete tutorial somewhere?