Missing Tessellation tab of Tissue Add-on in Blender 2.79

I am trying to play around with the Tissue addon which now comes with 2.79, but I only have the Tissue Tools Tab, there is no Tessellation tab. Does anyone else have this issue?


Works here.
Check the log for error messages. Could be you need to update tissue just.
Some UI elements where removed/cleaned out with 2.79 development, so this could be reason.


I’m having the same problem. All I see is this:

Hopefully I can get the author’s attention on this and find a solution.

Hi guys.
You can find the tessellation option on the tab “create”, under the panel “Tissue”.
In blender 2.78 the addons was created in separated tabs, like Booltools. Now in 2.79 every addons are created under de normal tabs, like “Tools” and “Create”.

I don’t know why this is happening.

Hey guys, its under “Create” tab in left menu.

Oh yep, thanks!