missing this feature: cant keying the Image panel Offs option?

Im using some sequence image and would like to timing the what picture when load and apply on material. This is possible somehow?

You can animate the texture’s alpha channel, is this what you’re asking for?

no :),


i have 3 different picture, pic001.jpg , pic002.jpg , pic003.jpg
on every pictures have different thing. i.e. stone, apple, banana

and if i stepping the frame, in the image (sequences button) panel i can load this pictures regards about frame number.
so in 1st frame i see the stone, in 2th frame i see the apple , in 3th frame the banana etc…

but and i cant keying with ipo the Offs parameter, because i would like controlling what picture show the current frame.
If it possible than i can change i.e. in 3 th frame the stone picture, and so on.

Hmm, I’m not sure what you’re asking then, but maybe load all the pictures as a video texture?

but i think we can wait this feature for blender 2.5 , the anim sys will be change :slight_smile: