Missing Title Bar Menu Tabs

Hello I just installed Blender 2.97 Windows 64 install and when I opened Blender for the first time. I did click Run as Admin. to open. It has all screens, features. Except for the upper left corner menu options. For File, Edit and so-on.

I have no way to get to User Preferences to change Inputs selections. For the click options or to emulate Num pad as this is a laptop. I opened the same version in my desktop and I have the Menu Tabs to select from.

I used the key board short cut Ctrl + Alt + U and it opened to a page that I could not navigate on to change to Inputs area. This is crazy and have no-CLUE how to figure this out. As well as trying to explaining it. I will include screen shots to help give a visual for what I am seeing. As it looks from my desktop compared to my laptop.

DESKTOP: File Render

LAPTOP has them hidden or some place I don’t know where to look. I don’t have a lot of experience with Blender. But enough to say this is crazy. Anyone that can help please do. This is making my laptop useless to set up User Preferences > Inputs … are not accessible. ??? I did install 2.9 and removed it for an archived 2.78 version. Thing it might help, but no as it did the same thing. I can not make it visable…

Graphics drivers up to date (I assume some integrated Intel graphics device)?
What is the scaling in Windows’ display settings?

If it was just a missing editor, Blender basics would help to fix that


and missing info editor from startup suggests something else is going on

Suggestions in this report might be useful

Could also try loading factory settings in case old configs got transferred to the latest version. Could do that by searching ‘load factory settings’ in search menu (spacebar), or by starting from the command line with --factory-startup argument

The interface is drawn with OpenGL and structured with Python. A problem with either might cause troubles but I would look into everything else first. Blender comes with its own Python, and wouldn’t think that an OpenGL issue would remove whole interface element. What it might be related to is window draw method in user preferences -> system, but would need to figure out a way to get to that first. Could try switching one of the existing editors to user preferences.