Missing unhided meshes (2.9)

Hy there! I’m a beginner with Blender 2.9. I was modeling my character head when I hided face and other meshes in viewport to focus on the mustache modeling. When I unhided those meshes nothing heppened. Big trouble… I still see meshes in the scene hierarchy but nothing more.
Unfortunately I also saved the file twice during the mustache modeling and can’t recover.
I hope somebody can help me.
Thanks In advance

Did you, by chance, also enable Local View at some point after hiding the objects? If so, you’ll need to get out of local view before you can see them, even if you unhide them.

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Hey Stan, It works! These are the first steps for me… Thanks a lot!!!
Good Luck, Stan


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Local view REALLY needs a bigger ‘flag’ for when it is engaged.

Like AE does when “don’t update” is engaged.

I don’t think it’d really help, may even do more harm:

  • if you don’t know what it does, you don’t know whether to blame it for anything anyway, nor do you know how to turn it off. So it’d need to be a hint (“press that key”), or a button. Disappearing without a trace (because it really shouldn’t take up any space if it’s not on). Which (disappearing), if it doesn’t fix your problem, is a bad thing: “wait, what was that thing again?..”
  • if you know what it does, you don’t need the in-your-face notice, so it’s just a waste of space, or another UI preference. Which is its own can of worms, from maintenance to writing/recording tutorials.

In AE the flag is a one-pixel red border around the viewport. There may be some small text somewhere, along/inline w/the border.

I’m familiar with Local View, and it still trips me up.

Well I’m sure you can see this:
Hey guys, what’s that red border around my viewport??? :smiley:

Y’know, nobody out there is saying “gee whillikers, what an intuitive program!”. A few things that would help users get along seem like a good idea. And having tripped over this thing several times because I didn’t notice the tiny little notice in the corner of the screen suggests to me that something bigger might be a good idea.

After Effects and Lightwave both use one-pixel borders around the viewport for modes that are easy to miss.

And at least users can notice a border around their viewport.