Mission: Kepler-22b

Helmet for an alleged mission to the exoplanet kepler-22b
Company: Dexomak.corp

Amazing job, man! The exterior look is amazing, and you put so much detail in! The inside padding might be a bit much, but other then that, it’s flawless. Great job!

Man, I love everything about this! :slight_smile: Great job.

Awesome work, I cant wait until your next post.

Thanks everyone,This work is done following the magnificent course of kent trammell Sculpting and Shading Sci-fi Helmet.He is the true master and i´m a good disciple.

Awesome helmet, Yanclos! So much to look at, and great overall form. The textures and materials really bring it to life. I’ll have to check out that tutorial!
Congratulations on being featured in the top row! Do you have anymore work of your online?

I started in computer graphics 2½ years ago and this is what I have for now http://cgcookie.com/profile/yanclos/

Love This! :smiley:

Great work! Is there anything covering the eye part?It looks totally transparent to me…

Amazing work and congrat for making it to the Featured Banner! [round of applause]

Wow, love the detail and textures on this!

wow that must have taken some time to do :wink: excellent!

WOW, beautiful, detailed modeling/texturing.

dizamn. headshot.

oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree !!!

Great job, awesome detail, lovely colors :slight_smile:

Looks really cool man, awesome job!

How about the suit that goes with the helmet? hehe :slight_smile:

Fantastic! Keep up the good work!

congrats for this work man, really the effort pay! and you reach a excellent result

Brilliant work. I suggest you post it on blendshare and make a full set of armor.

Gorgeous work, man!