Mission Objective

After using Blender or a decade I’m finding I enjoy it more when it’s used as a tool to augment and enhance scenes rather than create everything from scratch.

This is one such scene. After the plates of the soldiers were shot, the frame just felt really bare. It was just the soldiers in the room. So I projected the backplate (the room) onto some real basic geo, which created a budget HDRI, and placed a bunch of stock assets in there. Things like storage, sandbags, vintage food cans, a chandelier, and even leaves / debris from grasswald.


Would love to hear your thoughts :slight_smile:


I love the scene, but the men don’t seem dirty enough, also the debris aren’t very random and all looks the same.
I should also say that the guy on the back wall seems to be too small.
Overall, good work,one more thing I don’t think the chandelier matches in an unbrocken state.
Hope this helps.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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