Mission to Mars (warning: huge!)

Here’s the final render for the weekend challenge:


If the web browser resizes this to fit in the window you will not be seeing this in all its intended splendour :stuck_out_tongue: so maximize it.

I had to use some relatively high jpeg compression on this to keep the file size down so there are some artifacts in there that I just have to live with for the time being.

Pure Blender except for the lame blue edge and the title and putting all three renders in one tall file. I couldn’t decide which angle to show, so I posted these three in succession with the final one using particle effects and slight motion blur and zblur to show how the top part of the rover can take off and fly through the air like Snoopy :smiley: (maybe more like Woodstock given the aerodynamics :P)

Hope you like it. This was a joy turned into a pain to get through, took way more time than I imagined it would, but now it’s a joy again after all that, for a little while at least… :slight_smile:


okay, i lose, gimme some crits on mine so i can become the master u are



Hey, Robertt. This turned out very cool! :slight_smile: Great colors. The background is a little bit too dark? Compare with currect pictures in the media. It should be averall very bright, shouldn’t it?

Nice image, but:

You know, this is not intended as a flame, but if you already know the ‘lame blue edge’ isn’t good, than why do you add it? :slight_smile:
The only thing this blue edge is good for is taking away the focus off the subject (the rover).

Oh, and if you want good image quality, use PNG :wink:

:o , Gentleman we have a winner!

especially the third camera angle is great… first one is not so bad either… but the one on the middle shows the weaknesses of the modelling and texturing… ofcourse, these are hurried projects, and I’m sure many will model just to make it look good in one angle…


but, even if it’s not perfect model, the third picture is good. good luck.


Wow, great job. How did you do the terrain?

skeletor: Thanks :slight_smile: I like your wc entry. Very creative take on the topic. Master… me? :stuck_out_tongue: I think you mean @ndy :wink:

mystery00: Thanks dude :slight_smile:

Jerri: Thanks! I’m using the world colors, which are light reddish orange but weren’t really strong enough. I had a world texture too and had the gradient horizon. I tried adding a plane with a cloud texture, but I didn’t have much time to mess with it so I kept it simple. You’re right, it could be brighter like in the real mars photos.

richardve: Good point :smiley: I wanted a unifying element, but I know some people (myself partly included) might have taken it as a lame stylistic touch, so I figured I’d point that out :slight_smile: Thanks for reminding me about the PNG format. I’ve been meaning to try it as I try to grapple with host space limitations and bandwidth considerations.

Scorpy: Thank you :slight_smile: I think either Sonix should win for his brilliant entry or Jerri for his creative and comical approach to the topic. So many talented people here! I never enter to win the wc, just to get better at my blending and to have fun creating stuff along with some great people, so if I do get votes that would be a nice, but if not I won’t mind :slight_smile: The real contest is with myself :wink: to do better than before and faster if possible.

basse: Thanks!! I wasn’t so sure about the third image because I wanted puffier/lower contrast particles and a little more motion blur, but maybe it does work well. I trust your judgement. You’re right about the second image, not so great. I had hopes of doing a super detailed one but had the Blossom project to finish, which I never really got to do yesterday. You have a good point about modelling for angles too, because early on I did that. Then when I got involved in the F1 competition I began a comprehensive approach, where I’d model details never to be seen in the final render yet were helpful to me in knowing they “were there” to help the overall concept feel convincing during the design phase, such as the driver, dashboard, and rear part of the vehicle. At one point someone told me not to model what wasn’t seen, so I realize every model and scene needs to be approached in its own context: sometimes the whole thing is necessary, or sometimes just the front or the part that faces the camera in a static render. I must say your models always look great and exude style and creativity from every angle though :slight_smile:

thegameboy: Thank you :slight_smile: I first added a Grid to the scene, then on it I used a combination of fractal subdivision, manual editing of vertices, random vertex selection (available in the current bfblender test binaries), along with light subsurface division. The materials are procedural and use I think seven texture channels with Nor activated and Color in some slightly affecting the overall look of the terrain. You can stack several procedural textures together in a material to obtain a more complex material that interacts with light and other objects (especially if radiosity is being used) in often interesting ways. It can take a lot of experimentation to get the exact look you want for a given material, but along the way towards finding that perfect material/texture you can also create materials for future projects by assigning the material/texture you like to a simple object, like a plane, and locate that to another layer. Then you can later append that material in a new project using File:Append and importing the material and/or texture (just make sure you give it a descriptive name so it’s easy to find in the future).

Thanks again to everyone who took a look at this. I appreciate your time and comments. Have a great week!


Do I get a cookiie for seeing the short circut behind the model? :smiley: :smiley:

Johnny5 got a facelif! :smiley:

Hey, I actually do remember that movie from years ago :slight_smile:

fun stuff


find the section about my mission to mars :wink: you can see a little animation…i could send you the blend files but i lose them with on a black out the last week with other 3 giga of 3d stuff :< :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: