Mission to Mars

Welcome to Mission to Mars.

You are the one, who has the choice to take the first look inside the spacecrafts corridor. Our spacecraft has only one deck, 8 rooms for living and the bridge in the middle of the ship.

The interior is made with clear colors and many wooden dress plates, to make the environment for the crew on this long flight as confortable as possible.

More images of the interior and also the exterior of the ship are following…

The Image was modeled with blender and rendered whith Indigo 1.0.4. I hope, you like it. C&C is welcome.


Anbei noch eine weitere “Aufnahme”… :slight_smile:


nice render, i really like it great job with Indigo, i use it a lot also!

Coool! Nice corridor! And nice story-making, too! fantastic! :smiley:

These renders makes me want to try Indigo.

Nice, really realistic result. It reminds me of the corridors on the Enterprise in Star Trek: TNG.

Awesome :slight_smile: now you’ve made me wanna make an indoor scene lol… your textures are top notch, and even without a crazily complex model (So it seems) it looks real!

Will it have a bathroom? None of the Star Trek ships seemed to have a bathroom.

:wink: Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

Excellent work! Indigo is looking good.

Remember to mirror you repeating tiled wood textures. That way you dont get the seams. OR you could work a bit more on the wood in photoshop and make the wood texture seamless.

Otherwise its very good.