Missle Hangar

Evening Blenderheads,

Alllrighty, so here goes. It’s been a long time since I’ve submitted a WIP on these forums, back when i was danizzil14…

So, I just recently decided that I wanted to make some sort of missile launcher. I decided to go with a bunker configuration where the launcher itself would rise out. I’ve been working extensively on the internals of the hangar, like the hydraulics, lights and such. So far I’m pretty happy with the way that its turning out. I’ll be putting up some more pix of the roof opened up when i get everything rigged the way i want it. I’ve still got the left and right pieces of the roof sections mirrored for editing purposes, so yeah. Anyways, here’s your first glimpse of it.

Edit: The weird block in the center of the door is actually a place i want to mount a springed gear into, like with shock absorbers, however, im having some real issues with rigging them so the pistons spring out, but compress correctly when rotated. I posed a question in the Armatures and Rigging forums in support titled Shock Absorber Problem, but I’ve gotten no replies to it. And yes, I see the rear piston is not tracked, my mistake, but I didn’t realize it until after I make the 13 minute render… Lol

Edit2: The red spotlight on the wall is generated by the rotating “siren Light” in the center, when this is animated, that light will be of when the florescent lighting is on, and will activate as soon as the bunker opening sequence is activated.

i dont excatly understand it but it looks cool
looks very mechanical :smiley:

Yeah, in the closed position from the inside its kinda confusing. The picture is being taken from the left side of the hangar facing right. The left side of the picture is the front, and the right the back. That distinct panel you can see actually has a seam that splits when that “quarter” of the roof hangar door folds down. That’s the idea at least.

All right, so I’ve gotten a render all set up and done. A HUGE thanks to the guys over at renderfarm.fi… I like how I can go to bed and wake up the next morning with it almost finished, you guys ROCK!

awesome:D i love the mechanics of it all :smiley:

Thanks! I’m currently working on the hatch-piece you see moving behind the main structure, that would be the front. It’s proving to be really difficult to keep it looking believable, I’ve had to design a hydraulic cylinder that’s best described as a double cylinder. Instead of the standard large and small configuration most cylinders have, i made a small, medium, large… Rigging it was tough but it’s working perfectly now. WOOT!!!

Update was a long time coming, I forgot to post here when the render finished… But here’s the latest.


Hm. One word? Awesome.

Lol, why thank you! I’m nearing the one month mark on the project. There will be a special wip post for it’s one month anniversary!

Alright, so here’s a good one. The missiles have been created and animated/rigged check it out!

So I can tell that the shadows are WAY too sharp, its because I shut off environmental lighting… It was still illuminating the interior when the lights shut off and I really didn’t like that. So I nixed it. However, in the next release I’ll be using a hemi light to cast some indirect light for sunlight.



Awwww… I was hoping to see them fire. Good job, though, love it.

rofl, thats my next step. That’s gonna be fun!

Loved to watch the evolution of your previous models…glad to see you back here!

Thanks! I’m really exited to get good textures going. That’s really gonna make it pop!

your models were so good with out textures i cant wait to see them with textures.