Missouri Blenderheads?

Okay, I`m not sure on this one… Are there any Missourian Blenderheads going to the San Francisco meet? Just wondering, as if there are lots of us who would prefer to stay home here in MO, then we may be able to set up a Mid American-Blenderhead meet in St. Louis. Gimme your opinions.

Mo. Blendahead in da house!

I think it would be GREAT if we could get some MO blenderheads togather for a meeting. Man would I be stoked about that…

Theres some more MO blenderite’s out there, but I don’t know if they are still in the community or if they would be interested, but I definitley am!

If it were in Kansas City, then I could attend. But not in St. Louis. Sorry. :frowning:

Hey guys,

My first post to this site…but I have been playing with blender for a few years now and would be interested in attending a meeting.

If you’re worried about cost or might like a more centralized location, I have a computer lab with 25 computers and an internet connection at my disposal in Centralia (about 30 miles north of Columbia…). We could use it all day on a Sunday.



Keep talking. What would we do at this meeting? I would be driving 3-4 hours to get there from Lawrence,KS.

Sounds like a plan to me… We’ll have to get something sorted on that front. I`m still not sure whether my wife and I are going to the meeting in Montreal, San Francisco, or not at all.

What about we make plans for Sunday 27th October, see how many people we can get to turn up, and if it is enough, we can do it :D. It’s up to you Davis, your place, your rules! :slight_smile:



Not in MO, but I’m up a ways in Illinois… if there is one goin on I may be able to swing down there… its only 4 hours or so away.

Err… if only this were a few months farther out, I could go to this one. I’m in Hawaii now, and on the 8th I’ll be flying back home to Alabama… but for a week or so I won’t have a computer, a month before we get into our house, a week after that before we get DLS up, then a month after that before we get out family car.

From south Alabama, I think St. Louis might be doable in a full-day drive, if not, two. I know I can make it from my house to NAS Memphis in 7 hours. Might’ve been faster if dad never said “80 is fast enough” and I had a CB… though finding a fast tractor-trailer and sticking with them is almost as good. Got to watch out for those small Mississippi towns.

I think I still have a car at home, but last I remember, the engine was up in a tree. :frowning:



October 27 looks like a good time for me. I would like to try to plan a metting. I would like to have an idea of how many people would plan on attending a meeting at this time. How many blender users are there in the Midwest United States?

Is this too soon to plan a meeting? Would it be better to plan one for a few months down the road? Would we get more people? Would we have better content? Just looking for some feedback.

What would you envision taking place at a blender meeting? I have a few ideas:
Reports from any attendees who were able to go to one of the larger blender meetings.
Showcase of attendees current and previous works.
Presentation of advanced techniques (Surely someone in the Midwest has a few they can share.)
General discussion of how blender has changed our lives…

Let me know what you think. I find this all rather exciting and am looking forward to your replies.

James C. Davis, Jr.
[email protected]

I’m sure there are more blenderheads around, but how many know of this community?
I would make an effort to attend if we get enough people.
As far as having a gathering in a few months, I would think about winter coming on and adverse driving conditions. That may cause many last minute cancellations. We need to have it before the weather gets too cold.

As for content:

I would suggest a kegger, but I would be driving out there 4 hours, attending, then driving 4 hours back. Just Kidding. I do like what you have so far. I would like to see it start around 11am though.

More comments later.