Mist effecting my skybox

I have been working with blender for about 5 days now. I’m trying to make a simple FPS shooter from scratch. I’m using the tutorialsforblender3d tutorials to learn from and i have come to a bump that i have been trying to solve for hours and it deals with mist. I want to use mist to “cover up” the objects disappearing in the distance, however i dont want the mist to effect my sky dome. I have tried for the past hour to get the use mist setting in options but no matter what i do it won’t work. It seems like a small thing to get caught up on but it ruins my sky dome with mist on and it looks bad with mist off. Any help would be appreciated. Also if you notice anything wrong with how i have made it so far it would be nice to hear better ways of doing things.

Also is it possible to have the edge setting (badlands style) in the game engine?


Protocol.blend (554 KB)

Last time I remember being in heavy fog I don’t remember being able to see the sky, it would be strange to be able to see the sky when you can’t see the objects around you. The only exception to this would be a low lying fog in which case it would stop a few metres above the ground. The BGE’s mist option doesn’t support this, however you should be able to write a shader to do the mist for you and use that with the Filter 2D actuator to run it.

I’m not using the mist as it seems mist should be used. I have it set far away and all i want it to do is make the objects near the edge of my view fade out as opposed to having it just slice away. That would work fine if it ignored the skydome.

I put the blend file on there so you can see if you can get any object to ignore mist. It is not only the sky-box that i can’t get to ignore mist, its anything. I don’t see what is causing this problem.

Well I figured out a fix for me, its still not removing the mist effect on the object but by flattening my skydome i got it to appear as low lying fog.

Try untick “use mist” option to your skybox/skydome. Mist are very useful in fading objects/world to the “ending” view clip for performance - we can enjoy looking at stars & sun with better speed.