Mist help

can somebody help me? i want to change the mist color but nothing happen, this is the code i’m using

from Rasterizer import*

cont = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
own = cont.getOwner




Pikol is right because he’s using from Rasterizer import * instead of import Rasterizer. In Blender 2.25 you had to delete the link between the scene and the world object in order to set mist using python. Don’t know if that still applies.

Keith. 8)

Not quite right there, Pikol, you should be getting an formatting error.

It’s not

from Rasterizer import*

There should be a space between the asterix and the “import”, like this:

from Rasterizer import *

He probably just re-typed the code wrong into the forum.

I made all of this but i can’t modify the mist color with python :frowning:

delete the world [where the msit settings are defined… for users], you have to enable mist using python to be able to control the color in python

TNX a lot man, it finally works :smiley:

I already said that!