Mist in the hills

Just a two day project I started yesterday to try and make a realistic forest with fog in blender


The mist looks weird in some places
How did you create the mist?

I actually used giant flat cube and the cloud generator without smoothing and (with) particles to control the mist. I think it looks a little sharp in some places because its hard to tell the angle of the world. That and I composited it from a different render layer so its actually a lot more solid in the render.

Depth of field makes it look like moss :stuck_out_tongue:
Otherwise it is really nice.
But really, depth of field emulates the focus problems that appear when you do macro and closeup shots. If you hold an object at ~20 cm from your eye, you will see the effect. If you look at a large landscape, however, it will all be in focus.

What method did you use to create all the trees?


I used the sapling plugin that comes with blender. Thanks for the input. Guess it didn’t really need the dof. I see what you mean