mist on water ( effect/anim )

I thought I’d see about getting some nice water with the displacement mapping. I used a low key caustic tex plus clouds set to nor, high depth, very small,…I don’t know if you can really see it, but it really takes off that mercury effect that you tend to get with water,…anyway, I also mapped the cloud tex to hardness i think. Oh and animated the offset for the mist. Here’s a brief divX…

Smoke on the water :slight_smile:

looks very good to me, the water is a little bit wobbly but apart from that… very nice indeed :smiley:

Nice job. Let’s see something a bit longer. :smiley:

Displacement mapping is excellent. I can’t wait to try it out. :slight_smile:

I was playing with a smokemachine today, so i couldn’t resist commenting that your smoke has no movement in it, he smoke should show some turbulence. [!]

but it’s mist, not smoke:)

Mist and smoke is similar in that way, they have tubulences, especially when it moves…

actually you are incorrect. I animated the z axis of the mist as well as the X and Y. :wink: I guess it would be easier to tell had i made it a little longer, but it was one of those creepingly slow renders, and besides, it’s always nice for dial up people to click on something and have it load right away.