Mist output different in image viewer and file

Hey, apologies, I suspect this is a dumb noob question but…

I’m rendering a mist pass to use as a depth map.
Problem is, the image in the render viewer and in external software is very different. Obviously I can correct for this i the external software, but I’m wondering what’s going on. Is there some colour space transform happening somewhere in the image viewer somewhere?

In the image the top two files are the output files. Png and exr. The bottom is the image viewer from blender.

Is it the Save As Render toggle?


my guess would be the filmic view transform:

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Thanks for both your replies,
Both of your suggestions work for the combined and normal pass but not for the mist pass.

Is that because it’s a single channel non-colour pass. That would make sense I suppose, but then why does it get transformed in the image viewer?
(Also the normal map is really a non-colour pass. That is, it shouldn’t be transformed. But you can transform the normal pass…)
It’s fine now I can see what’s going on, I can work with it. Just curious as the the reasoning behind the way it works.

On checking again I see that saving with and without Save As Render does not seem to change the Non-Color image. Sorry to mislead. I really have no clue.

Maybe this will help:


There is some related info in the following tasks

and I see this is defined for compositing/image saving, but I dont really see it being mentioned that non-color passes should not be affected like this by colormanagement when displaying in the viewport?
Of course this wont end up in your saved images when using EXR (this avoids the problem).

Will confirm for now, this could easily end up in T68926 if distinction of non-color passes for viewport display would be added there I assume.