Mist with Yafray rendering

Hello All!

I have been looking for a way to create mist using the yafray renderer.
It seems the mist option of the world context does not affect the renders using yafray. Has anyone been able to have mist effects in yafray ?



The mist function currently is not supported. Particles are also not supported.

Maybe try rendering out the scene in Blender with the mist and comping the two together some how in PS or GIMP?


That’s indeed what I was thinking of - combining scanline and yafray in post production. Nevertheless it is not simple for animations. But I will survive… thanks for your help.


Couldn’t you just use the sequence editor, once you’ve got the two videos? Surely it’s not that hard?

true… I could try that too. I haven’t thought about that. Thanks!


I would try adding a plane in front of the camera semi transparent (alpha about .2?) add a bit of fresnel, should be realy close to mist.

You just reminded me of something. I think I am going to try the same idea but with a dupliverted plane and some animated clouds textures (I read about that technique some time ago to create real 3d mist - I think it even was in the blender manual). The problem though is that it is very CPU consuming. But one cannot have everything, can he?
Thanks for reminding me that one!