(peterw) #1

Has anyone controlled mist with python successfully?
The following has no effect on an existing purple mist.

Rasterizer.setMistColor([0.82, 0.82, 0.82])

Or am I missing something?


(S_W) #2

Here is a file that shows you how to use mist:


Try to change the properties in order to change color etc.
I hope this helps you! :slight_smile:

(Doc Holiday) #3

HELP! Nothing happens! :frowning: Does Mist work in 2.23?


(S_W) #4

I used 2.23 to create the file.
What does exactly happen when you start the game…?

(Doc Holiday) #5

I press ‘P’, and nothing happens. There is no Fog. I can see the whole Floor Plate.

(S_W) #6

That’s because there are no walls. If you add some you should see fog. :wink:

(wiseman303) #7

Yeah, realtime mist works with vertex colours. So if mist isn’t showing up properly you may have to subdivide your meshes a few times.

(Doc Holiday) #8

Sorry for the late Feedback but i have toastet my GPU! :-? (Overclocking is very dangerous! :smiley: ) Now the Mist works. Coooool!