Mister Groody Bust (Cyles Rendered)

First time to post here in the Finished Projects. This is a bust of a personal character that i did in my spare time. This one is originally from my 3d sketchbook. Modeled and Sculpted in Blender. Texturing In Blender+Photoshop. My goal here is to learn hair and cycle nodes.

Nice work, horns are excellent, could you post quick workflow of modelling and texturing horns?

the head has some nice details. Really great work in sculpting and texturing. I can remember that i saw some WIP renders of the horns, where it had holes, so you could see right through. So with a pitchblack background it’s difficult to see that feature. maybe you can use a Night scene Skymap, so you can better see those details. But besides that,… it’s awsome. The skin looks very realistic and my favourite part is defenitly the horns. i guess they also took most of the work?

Very nice indeed but it could use some more sss on the skin. It looks kinda dry… Great work and details anyway.

Perfect to me!

superb character i really like it

I really like the character & the horns are awesome ,great job !

Thanks Blur. I cannot do any screenshots right now because I’m in a bit of a deadline but i can tell you how i did it.

  1. Block the overall shape (Keep it at low res do not jump immediately on details).
  2. While blocking it i also added the holes and bridges using the Boolean addon(can be found under the testing section in the addon preferences ). This bolean addon is different from the modifier because in terms of workflow speed this one is faster. You just select two objects that you want to combine/subtract and press the operator in the Tool panel.
    • To add the holes i just used spheres that i shaped into holes and used the boolean addon. Ofcourse this will not produce a nice mesh flow but i really do not care because i will sculpt it using “Dynamic Topolgy”.
  3. Next is detailing. I bring my mesh in Sculpting mode and turn on dynamic topology. Ok, in my workflow because im a little bit of a traditional sculpture and painter I do it in passes.
    • First pass - Blocking Sculpt. Keep the edge size between 25-30. Sculpt the necessary form to get a nice silhouette. In drawing think of this as the loose sketch.
  • Second Pass- Sculpt the Initial details. In this stage my edge setting is playing between 13-20. Again do not jump on small details. Think of this as the “rough pencils” in drawing.
  • Third pass - Here comes the fun part because this is the stage where we polish the model. We add here the small details like cracks and bumps. We also fix here the creases and smoothness of the surface. My edge setting is around 3-10.
  1. UV Mapping - In my case I can still use the Automatic UV on the horns. But if the mesh is super dense you have to retopologized the model or you can decimate it.
  2. Texturing - I used the paint branch to paint this one. Nothing special on this stage. Do not forget to paint the necessary maps like specularity bumps and other stuffs. To get nice details use high maps. In this one most are 4k in resolution.

Hi echo4hhsm. Thanks. Actually the horns look like they took most of the work but it is not. The head took most of them because the initial sculpt(rough sculpt) which looks totally different to this does not look good at side view. Or anatomically doesn’t look good so I have to resculpt some parts.

great work blackcubes!

Just, curious, did you retopo it after sculpting?

Thanks BlackCubes, that was really helpful.

very good! i like a lot the character he shows, supported by additions/details. the only thing is, i believe he would look even better with a tad more sss, other than that 5 stars from me :slight_smile: