Mistletoe? Missile-toe!

Something rather silly I came up with for some reason. It’s a play on words, on the word “mistletoe”, the christmas kissing plant. Anyways, I hope you enjoy.


That is no doubt the strangest thing I have seen in quite some time.

Wow that is a play one words big time. Good model though.

haha, thats awesome! lol.
great job modeling.

mistletoe - missed my toe - missile toe? :confused:

Hey thanks for the replies guys!
Yah, I know it’s rather a rather far-fetched concept.

I was expecting a toe that was a missile, not a missile attached to a toe. Regardless, it’s a good render. Thumbs up.

HAHAAH you have me laughing xD

that was great, really good. thanks for the laugh

you should use some SSS for the skin

Good pun, great product :ba:

The background would be my only crit.


Cool Image! Crazy idea! Nice Texturing! Toes up! (or was it thumbs?)

Oh… My… God… You’re my hero.

Hehe great concept, love the part at the bottom too ‘May contain traces of peanuts’:smiley:

Great model too!

LOL, this is hilarious…Where can i buy 'em?
Thats a kind of defense we need^^

thanks alot everyone, I’m glad you like it.

yah, I tried it with some SSS, but it didnt give the result I wanted, so I stuck with the non-SSS