Mistwire Tutorial Project - Armory Game Engine

(Montedre) #1

Here is a short game video of the game play so far for the Mistwire Tutorial series. You can find all the videos and more information over on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/armoryblendergame

(Montedre) #2

Here is the link to the latest video in the series.

(Montedre) #3

Some cycles render of the latest assets for the Mistwire Project.

(Montedre) #4

Short video with different Armory render path settings

(Montedre) #5

A little look behind the scenes of Armory, Blender, Game. I look at what I did to come up with the Light spell in the Mistwire Game.

(alf0) #6

amazing work
wounder why peope still didnt work with armory yet, guess thy are not ready for a change yet !!!

(cadaei) #7

@Montedre, what’s your eventual target platform? I have been curious how armory does compiling to IOS. Have you tried that?

(Montedre) #8

For Now I am working on making a PC game. With Armory being a bit unstable and in constant development I am unwilling to spend to much time with the other platforms. I also don’t have any experience in mobile games yet. I have seen that some people are working on some mobile tests and projects but I have not seen anything specifically for IOS yet.

Mostly I am trying to see what I can do with Armory as it sits and share what I am learning with the community. We will just have to see where it all goes.

(Montedre) #9

Mistwire 6 - Light Spell and more Link.

(Montedre) #10

Here are the next two videos in the series.

(Moosefoo) #11

I’ve been checking out your tutorials. They are a really great resource for this new tool. I appreciate the work you’ve been doing with this.

(Montedre) #12

Thank you very much.

(Montedre) #13

Added another one to the series:

(Montedre) #14

The latest in the series is up on Youtube. Grab extras by supporting me on Patreon.

(Montedre) #15

A couple more in the series.