Misty Forest

(Walli) #1

a small scene, as I wanted to test some volumetrics with Cycles.


(asmithey) #2

Looks great!

(WeakFredo) #3

Very real looking. The composition is very pleasing.

May I ask how long the 1080x1920 render took?

(Walli) #4

when I did the test renderings, I used 256 samples for 1080*1920 and that took about 2 hours. (rendered on cpu because of needed RAM).
I am sure I could have optimized that scene, reducing texture size for example.

(Walli) #5

oh, and those renderings at 256 samples already looked fine. But I rendered at larger size over night at 512 samples, that must have been 10-12 hours - but I didn´t check the time, to be honest.

(OLG) #6

That looks really good. Thanks for sharing.

(Ianmcmill) #7

This is almost photo-realistic. Amazing. Only the two sapplings in the front on the left side look a little to bright? I mean the sun is coming from the back but they are still lit a tad too much. But who am I to judge.
Great shot!

(Okavango) #8

Beautiful atmosphere and vegetation.

(BlenderWillie) #9

Really impressive. Great job. A beautiful mood.

(Christoph Werner) #10

Really nice and realistic. What did you used for the trees etc.?

-> Sehr cool, Jan. Ein paar Infos zu den Bäumen?

(Alaica Rich) #11

A beautiful sunny day. very nice

(Remade) #12

walli (Jan Walter Schliep) is master of xfrog! http://www.silva3d.com/

(SynaGl0w) #13

Really sets the mood. Excellent work!

(Machigan) #14

Simply beautiful…

(Walli) #15

Because of Taros question (some info about the trees): in the background I just used two Douglas fir like trees, that I created for a project at Laubwerk, so this was basically recycling :wink:
The sparse beech trees have been created for this project, as trees in the forest tend to grow in a different way, compared to “solo” trees. For the leaves I used a simple mesh, roughly following the alpha outline - this helps a lot to catch the light, compared to flat surfaces. I modified the colour texture of the leaves and painted some height and translucency info by hand. From the manual height map I created a normal map.
A rough base of the trees was created with Xfrog, but as the alignment tools are lacking (Xfrog is getting old, compared to Speedtree and the like), I arranged the twigs with Mograph (Animation Nodes of Cinema4D), but a particle system also could have been used.
So all in all nothing fancy, I think the lighting does the most work.

(pkrissz) #16

It looks amazing

(filem0n74) #17

it looks fantastic!

(Christoph Werner) #18

Thanx. The lighting is really nice.

(studio2a3d) #19

Great job!

(Vortex101) #20

Beautiful render. It has a calm and mysterious mood to it makes you wonder what’s off in the distance. Excellent work!