Mistyc & Dark Anime style node

Hello.For my game, i want an anime-mistic style, like Journey (ps3). But, i want a more sinister and dark style. The problem? Configurate materials one-by-one is really hard, so i search a node with that effect. The second problem? I am very nerd with nodes. So, do you know a node with the effect that I want, and you can lend me?Thx.

That’s a very vague question. What kind of material are you looking for? What are you modeling?

I search for this style:

Combinated this other style:

I want to mix the two different styles.

Like this!

You’re asking for a material node setup for something. Which thing? There are a lot of objects and a lot of materials in those three pictures. Are you asking us to make all of your materials for you?

Ok, i want to create characters like the third photo. Look it: the shadows are plane (like Journey’s photo) , but is a little dark (like Elvenking’s photo).
I want a material configuration ir node that i get a characters like the third photo. I know is with a toon shader, but i want know if had a node that help me to get the effect.
Sorry for the confusing, my english is very bad.

I am going to simplify my petition: i want avdices for get this grafics:

A lot of that look is created with carefully painted textures. You’ll need to either texture paint a good diffuse map or create one in photoshop or GIMP. You might create some of the stylized clothing look by sculpting and baking a normal map. Once you have that there are several ways of approaching the toon shader, depending on whether you want to use BI or Cycles. It’s probably not going to be as simple as just having someone show you a node setup. What have you done on this project so far?

Ok, i resolved it in part. I configurate materials with a toon shader, and next i put a plane texture. I try to make more models.
Thanks for the help.