MIT Startup looking for modelers

I work for a new MIT startup company making a space-based MMORPG.
We’re a group of students, basically all working for nothing to make a
great game. We are looking for people who can turn concept art into
workable and detailed models for our game. We plan to take advantage
of the latest graphics technology such as HDR and dual-core
processors, so anything goes, no matter how complex. We already have
an artless alpha-build of the game and lots of concept art to work
from, so we just need some brilliant modelers, texture artists, and
animators to really bring the game to life. We would contract to you during the summer for our modeling and animation work. We have money, but not a lot, and payment would probably be per finished model or animation.
I’m the head designer (a title more related to ego than function) and
I have budget for 2 or 3 modelers this summer (or more, if you feel
like working from the goodness of your heart).

If you just want more info on our little project or maybe even some
concept art to work from, then my email is my username at

This is a good chance to get the experience that companies like
Bungie, Blizzard, or Valve want you to have, and to get your name on
an awesome project!

Thanks for reading and good luck!

Can you tell a little more about the project? Perhaps you can explain the core gameplay or storyline to help people get interested? Also, providing some concept art to help people get an idea as to what sort of modelling you want done – space ships, characters, alien civilizations, etc.

Prove to us that getting involved with this game would really be worth while for us. In what way does this game differ from, for instance, EVE Online?

To answer those questions and some others:

I’ve been told through email that MIT “better mean” Massachusetts Institute of Technology. To lay your fears to rest, I do in fact mean that MIT and not any of the other MIT’s you may have heard of.

To get an idea of gameplay, simply think Escape Velocity (if you know what that is) but online. Players would have a 2.5d (3d models moving in 2d plane) perspesctive fo their ships as they fought, traded, and explored the galaxy.

Yes, our idea is similar to Eve online, but we would have much less focus on strict RPG rules and boring mining and more on battles and human intereaction. Technically this is an MMORPG, although as I said, player skill will be be the deciding factor, not player level.

I know this sounds lame, but I can’t get too far into actual gameplay without violating the Non-Disclosure Agreement I had to sign to work on this project. I can give you a peak at some of the concept art (it is all under the copywrite of SharpEdge Studios LLC). We have a lot more that I’d be glad to show anyone who is interested.

And for you tech guys, we are using the Ogre3d 1.2 rendering engine for graphics, with CEGui for the GUI windows and widgets. The main client game loop will be running in Ogre and will interface with the RakNet networking library to communicate with the server. The server will be running on some version of a linux OS server and will involve a C++ executable wrapper running on top of a Postgre DB server.

The game engine is in a graphic-less pre-alpha build, mainly working on hit detection and other physics at the moment.

I know two of the concept artists I have found have said that they are just doing this because they need something on their resumes to show larger companies. This is just fine with me, and one of the benefits of working with a start-up is that you all get fancy names that look great on paper. Then, if the game takes off, you have great material to show potential employers.

In addition to a career boost, I can also offer payment for those willing to work now, as well as in the summer. Since you would not be an offical employee, but rather a contractor, I would pay you per finished model or animation. The pay is not set at any amount, and I would work it out with each interested person. I do not know how much you are used to recieving for your work, but throw me some figures and we can work from there.

**We need a few models (spaceships) right away for presentations to investors, and I would certainly pay more to anyone who can come up with a few quality pieces in the next 2 weeks

Here are a few pieces of concept art:

if this interests you, my email is [email protected]

I have tons more info, and I wish I could just post it all, but I would be breaching about a dozen types of copywrites and contracts. I can tell you more on a 1-1 basis of you’re interested.

Here’s a more detailed summary of the game:

Stellar Command is an online third-person space-based RPG that is currently in production at MIT. The graphics will be 3d sprites acting on a 2d background (think C&C generals). The overall interface will be quite similar to Escape Velocity, an older 3rd person space shooter. It’s interface was a simple top down view of your small ship from a zoomed-out perspective, from which you could see planets, a background of stars, and other ships. Our game will be very similar in perspective. On the sides and bottom of your screen are vital stats, minimaps, weapons load-out, chat screens, and all the other stand-bys of mech and space games. The player is represented by their ship; there is no actual player character. Players fly around an expansive and dynamic galaxy, trading, fighting, exploring, and meeting new people. Players can upgrade their ships, or buy any of dozens of other ships, to best fit the role they want to take in the galaxy. Planets can be controlled by large governments, small factions, or even individual players. Trading and managing business is a huge part of the game. The galaxy operates on a real economy, with supply and demand influencing price. Anything you can buy in the game was made by someone, and anyone can own and operate any of those businesses, if they have the time and the money. All items, from spaceship fuel to weapons to raw metallic ore are traded on the free market.

this looks good, much better than most proposals we have here.
it is obvious this is for real and legit.

I have no time, but I hope it works out for you.
I can recommend alltaken, zsolt, bgdm, ecks, and sonix, among others, for good industrial style modellers.
more organic modellers include endi, @ndy, @ner, and RobertT.
They are all quite good. you can find work by them in the forums under those names.

good luck,

(sorry if i forgot anyone!)

dextrousmoose, would you like low poly ingame models for later, but high poly eye-candy models for the cutscenes or investors?
Could you give us and indication of the amount of poly’s/model, or texture sise, you would like to have?
And (if any) have you already decided on a styling? (like homeworld caartoonishness, warhammer40K grit, or Freelancer’s mock-up style).
I bet you are still at the developping/testing “what goes?” stage, but any indication would be helpfull.

…Yes I could have mailed this, but my reasoning was that if other people knew more details they’d be able to better gauge their own ability to help.

If you have interesting monster designs let me know. Check out my zbrush studies, third link in my signature. Could use some more practice. The characters were other people’s designs.

I’m interested.
in my signature you can find some works I did with blender.
I’m already working for another MMORPG (battaliononline). You can find something on elysiun.
Let me know if you are inerested



mail: [email protected] just delete the xxxx things

Hi, could you please say a bit more about what exactly youre looking for? Mainly regarding polycount and other restrictions. Do you also want color textures, bumpmaps, normal maps?

I’d love to help, but all I’m really capable of is clapping from the sidelines :stuck_out_tongue: I suppose my eager half is going to send you an email and give it a shot :slight_smile:

Other than that, I could alpha test or something for you guys… Always wanted (and still do) to go to MIT, but I don’t think I’ll be able to get in (or pay, if I do happen to be accepted when the time comes)

Glad to see this thread is finally getting some action (:

hoxolotl, you are right about needing low-poly game models and then high-poly models for videos. You are also right that we are not too far into the game yet, so I don’t really know exactly what we’re looking for. We want the game to look damn good, but not be unplayable for people with middle-of-the-road graphics cards. To be perfectly honest, you all know a lot more about this than I do. I know we want bumpmapped/pixel shaded models with very detailed textures so the player can zoom in to view their ship very closely.

I’ve made a tiny fighter with just 72 polygons, and it actually looks pretty good. The Ogre game engine we’re using is good, but not top-of-the-line, so we’re not looking for models as detailed as HL2 or Oblivion.

As far as ship styles go, I was hoping for more of a gritty Firefly/40k feel. Each faction in the game has it’s own style; everything from Star Wars angular functionality to flowing, curvy ships, to junkers made by pirates and rebels. There is no one “style” to the game, because each group has their own look and feel.

Sorry this is not very informative, but I can only give you as much info as the programmers have given me, and they aren’t really to the point of knowing what the engine can and can’t handle graphics-wise.

Anyone who wants can sign up and look into our art/design forum at There’s quite a bit of logo and concept work there, if you’re interested. Or just email me!

Your concept art looks great.This sounds good…I may look into this.

That’s what I like to hear (:

Just posted on the Earthvid forums yesterday about my approach to modelling for it…
dextrousmoose, would you mind if I used the drab2 model to write a tutorial?

Oh, another question: when modelling, will the turrets on the ships be separate meshes, or do you want a single mesh and you’ll add bones or ica’s for the turrets ingame?

(I suggest separate meshes… a turning gatling gun for the drab2, as I interpret the "thingy"on the front of it, would be easyer to animate).

p.s.: I’m already taking an exploratory shot at the drab2… I’m around 126 poly’s…I figure if I restart and use a better technique I can get it down to 80 or less.

All for the sake of having a higher “unit cap”… I like having as many ships as I want to, to swarm my enemies…just that one polygon less over 5000 ships is all worth it.

There arent any restrictions on the age or anything is there?

if you want to see some of my work, check out my WIP

Im only 13, but I dont think that should imediatley screw me out of this.
Just curious, thanks!

Well, here’s what I can tell you about poly count, bumpmapping, etc right at this moment. We are looking for ingame models, not trailer models. We will have bumpmapping and normal mapping. Poly count should be no more than 3000, except for the hugest ships. We will want seperate meshs for interchangable parts of the ship, such as turrets. Speaking of that, if anyone wants to try their hand at modeling different turrets so they can be used as standard meshs on all the other models, I would be glad to hand over the descriptions of the weapons in the game. The same goes for forward-firing weapons, and possibly engines (not decided yet).

Again, I encourage anyone interested in seeing our concept art, WIPs and other graphics work to visit and check out the art forum. You have to be a member to visit the gameplay forum for legal reasons, but just registering a username will get you access to the art boards.

AnRk: I don’t care if you’re 7 or 70 if you can model, and it looks like you can model. Register for the forums, find a piece of concept art you like, and show me what you can do!

And go ahead and make tutorials out of your work if you want, just make sure you say the model is copyrighted (by SharpEdge or by you, as the case may be) so people don’t steal it/claim it as their own.

Again, if you have questions, please post them here or email me at [email protected]

:slight_smile: k thats nice to know. The concept art is awesome…

I just posted a WIP in your forum.

Im posting one in just a minute…

I actually check the earthvid forum far more often than I do this one, so don’t worry about telling me you’re going to post something, I’ll most likely see it there before I read this.