miter or mitre joints!

like in a picture frame I have round tubes meeting at the corners.
how do I make where they meet- neat?
tried using knife - it is a bit iffy!
thanks all

extrude one edge to the leanght of the picture frame rotate the loop 45 degrees then extrude the top same for the other side and bottom, then rotate the bottm loop of the first edge 45 degrees so its in line with its opposite, select both bottom loops and use the bridge tool

for rounded corner use the spin tool!

for square corners
i think you also need use cursor pivot set at the rotation point
then you have to extrude and rotate and move
but also you might need to scale byt a fator of 2^0.5 = 1.414 or the opposite 1/1 1.414 - 0.707

happy bl

try the shear tool

UHUH as soon as you rotate the end it distorts it!

I googled it - did not find HOW to use it.

The Knife can be really easy to use too.

1/ You subdivide the edge which will become the outside edge of the frame. The new vertex also marks the corner.

2/ Call the Knife with [K] and press also [Z] to go across the whole mesh and [C] for axis constraint. You move your mouse cursor over the newly created vertex. It will be highlighted with a green square framed with red. [LMB] to start. Move your mouse cursor across. The while line shows you the angle.

3/ [LMB] and [RETURN] to confirm. Perfect cut at 45°. :wink:

4/ You delete the top edge loop and you use duplication and rotation or the Mirror modifier to do the other corners… and the Bridge to connect the edge loops to close the frame.

uh huh, so scale it out so it un distorts

that is basicaly what i said in post 2 Rad 2 = 1.414 is the factor


There are obviously many ways to get to your desired result but the shear tool gets little love and it is more apporopriate for this job than the other methods. IMPLO (in my pathetic little opinion)

I used cursor as the pivot out of stubborn habit, and also because it’s easier to show, but really median or active element (if you are in face mode) would be better because it would travel with the extrusion.

you could also delete that first column and the end face of the extrusion, and spin the whole of that top extruded part 4 steps around the center, remove doubles, again-done
less time spent extruding and rotating.

For the small trol method
when yous scale you also need to limit it to 2 dimensions not the 3 axis!


thanks all

Absolutely right. Very kind of you to point it out. Of course only square frames possible that way.

Thanks DruBan for that nice explanation ! don’t think I could have demonstrated it so well

yes, that is true, but by simply grabbing a whole edge of the frame mesh you can simply pull the mesh to fit the frame size you need. that is of course only useful if the frame is rectangular, it is a useless method if you are framing something of an awkward shape. an “L” shape for example. your method is ideal for that. :slight_smile:

If using angles other than 45, the scale factor can be calculated as 1/cos(angle). In the case of rotating in the other direction, it will be cos(angle). I was able to enter this into the “rotate” box. The axis of rotation will have a scale factor of 1 in all cases.

thanks everyone for your help