mitering a picture frame

so i added a bezier curve. shaped it to look like a picture frame from the side.
put it on a path to ’ extrude it’.
now how do i cut it at exactly 45 degrees?


First convert your curve to a mesh. Make a seperate line object, rotate it 45 degrees and use it as a guide. Place the guide line exactly where you want your cut, then go into edit mode on your frame. Hit the “K” key and choose knife exact. Then click and release on the beginning of your guideline. Click and release on the end of the guide and hit enter. Delete corner, fill in edge faces.

to do it with curves, don’t use a path, make a bezier circle, and change the handles to the angular kind, so you have a square, then, make another curve ( from the same view ) and fashion it to look like the profile of your bevel, then, select your first square curve, and in the field ( in edit buttons ) where it says ‘bev ob’, type the name of your second curve. then just scale your second curve until the frame is the right thickness.

“change the handles to the angular kind, so you have a square,”
HOW? and is this for the frame looking from the front?
thanks all

just select all of the first curve in edit mode, and click ‘poly’ in edit buttons, then delete 4 of the vertices. this will give you a square. that’s the shape of your frame. the next curve will be the profile of the segment. also, once youre done, just use alt C to convert to mesh, and delete the 4 or so redundant faces.

well i ended up with lots more than four verts!
certainly not a square.
so i just delete 8 of them

“just select all of the first curve in edit mode”
dunno wot that means. first curve?
thanks for your help


i meant select the whole thing ( ‘A’ key ) as in all of the vertices. anyway, it looks like it worked ok.