Mitrostudios Showreel – film, 3d & motion design

Hey there!

I just wanted to share with you this showreel filled with different projects I have been a part of:

(Showreel of Mitrostudios)

The 3D stuff is all blender, ignore the rest :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you think, what could be improved for the showreel and what would be interesting projects for us which would add to the impression of the showreel?

Any feedback on the intro sequence, which is the only thing created just for this video? :wink:


you use a lot of very simple objects like boxes and balls all the time. as a customer i would think that you are not able to use complex objects. sorry to say it, but i was dissapointed. everything looks well in your showreel, but i couldnt find anything, that blows me away.

I also think that you should drop animated boxes. Some animations are much better than others. I liked the one that was showing interior of the house. I didn’t line the one with dominoes. Dramatic music was a bit over the top.