Mitsuba 2 renderer is released

There was an addon for the older Mitsuba, but I’m not sure if there will be a new addon for this.

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Pure academic/scientific engine.
There are no production features, neither builds available for hobby explorers to get their eyes burnin :wink:
Thus I prognose – although an amazing – Blender plug ain’t gonna be.

I presume the only way to get stuff to the Blender side is, if a team gathers and builds a commercial, production ready engine out of it…

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@burnin, no, i think they will be happy if they are help to any users who can continue on working together for again integration inside Blender, maybe. Who knows?! :wink:

He knows :upside_down_face:

I create blender addons, I have released a PBRT exporter, found here:

And I’m currently working on a Mitsuba 2 exporter, by supporting on patreon you get access to the current exporter repository and can use it before it goes public. When it goes public I will release each version early to patrons.

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