mitsubishi lancer Evo x 2008 [Workshop]

Hello peoplez

i started modelling a " mitsubishi lancer ":cool:
So i thought, why not share it with you guys ?:eyebrowlift:

so yeah this is the progress i’ve made so far
i hope you enjoy it ^^

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It looks like you have a good start! The front of the car already looks very strong and intimidating.

Do you plan on creating the car as a stock vehicle, or in the style of a racing vehicle? I would love to see a rally car version, since so many people tend to create only stock versions of cars.

Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing how your project progresses!

@James Candy
well i can’t say whether its going to be a stock version or Rally version, cuz i kinda changed my plains to making a concept for this car
and as i know , once you are done with the stock, rally version won’t be hard to do

anyways thanks for your interest and comment

Here is some new progress

definitively, cycles is the best friend of the car modelers. Good mesh

@niva , unfortunately i won’t use it :confused:
i like internal more and all the above renders were by Internal renderer

New Progress

will try to finish this ASAP

thanks for the suggestion, will fix it later ^^

some new updaates

good looking model. Keep it up.

I dont like this car too much, I think its just too different from earlier models… For me, the best looking is the evo IX… But anyway, that is just my opinion… :slight_smile: I like the way your model looks really clean. Can you show us the wireframe? Im more interested in the lower front area, because thats the part where I usually mess things up… Are you going to model the interior as well? It would be great to see a rally version with a safety cage inside :smiley: just sayin… good luck, waiting for more :slight_smile:

I would also be interested in seeing some wires, I recently finished modeling the exterior of this car and I’m curios to see how you modeled a few of the more complex parts like the hood. Really nice job so far, I will definitely follow this one.

Also, if you do decide to add a roll cage, I have a few reference photos that might help.

Dude you are a machine. So you’re wrapping this up in, what, one week? How many hours so far?

This is looking great! If you are just going to post screenshots you might as well use the open gl viewport render to make them look a little smoother. Nice work though, keep it up!

thanks for your comment

thank you for your comment, im not planning to do the interior at the moment
and the car is just going to be a stock version
and ill show some wireframes later

@FuzzyPeachpineapplei can see a good model in your avatar, seems to be interesting if you don’t mind, i would like to see more pictures
and thanks for your comment

Yeahh im a machine :RocknRoll:

i’ve been working on it about 4-6 hours everyday last week
thanks for your comment

thanks for the advice, gonna try it

and here is some updates, gonna finish it this week

You can find more pictures of my Evo on my blog.
The specific post is here:
Sorry for the sub par lighting setup in the renders, I haven’t gotten around to finishing this project yet. Are there any specific parts you want to see that I haven’t included?

Hi Fuzzy Peach,

I might be nitpicking here but I usually die when I see someone trying to terminate a sharp edge like that, as shown below, instead you could try what’s shown in red. You add an additional edge through the middle of the two, and then where the hard edges cross over each other weld the final one shut to create a small triangle. It won’t actually create a triangle because it’ll be three edges in to a quad, which when looked at from a distance looks like a triangle.

Just a recommendation for removing those excess edges at the front. :slight_smile:


hey kingofSpeed,
your car is looking damn awesome! very smooth.
just a little heads up that your headlight mesh has triangles, they may be there on purpose but they will ruin the party once you apply subsurf modifier. but it doesn’t look like you require it though.

also most of the triangles i see can be removed easily. most require separating of the mesh into different parts just so it doesn’t have to follow the topology of the parts around it.

Thank you for the tip, I never liked making sharp edges the way I did but my laziness always got the best of me and I never got around to finding a way to fix them. I went ahead and fixed the one you pointed out and a few others I found. I’ve learned so much since I started this car that I’m considering redoing the whole thing and maybe starting my own WIP thread, I don’t want to hijack this one.