Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X


Let me know what you all think about this and what can be improved. I’m a videographer and I’ve been modeling for about 3 months. I’m trying to go for a photorealistic style to integrate into videos so any feedback would be awesome!


Hi Welcome to the Forum.

A couple of things to start.

The light at the back, top and left of the car is too harsh to be coming from the street lights.
There are no contact shadows on the road.
There are topology problems on the car.

I would suggest posting the car by itself, maybe with some wireframes of the body to get some
help from the more experienced people here on the forum.



Ok great thanks a lot!
That’s actually the sun in the back but I was thinking it didn’t look right since it spills too much on the hood of the car.
My shadow layer is very diffused but I’ll see how a harder shadow works with the final render
Attached is my wireframe topology, I learned car my topology from CG cookie in their Porshe modeling tutorial series but I may have accidentally created some n-gons, attached are the pictures.

I’m only looking to get feedback on the body for now as my graphics card is entry level and it crashes when adding the other assets.