Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

Hi,heres a new car i have started immediately after i have finished MUSTANG



Using HDRI :-

and an update
Back view:
and i need very big help in materials and HDRI setting up and i need an HDRI that can be compared with the floor

I like the first image the best. You really should consider working on your lighting skills furiously.
Because in all of the works i’ve seen from you, the lighting lets it down.
How long did it take you to model this because u seem to be dishing cars out pretty fast…haha…:smiley:

Yeah the lighting kills it although the rest looks absolutely beautiful.

MMM.yeah i am very poor in materials and lightning i have worked alot on it i have treid indigo it was always crashing ((with this car only)).and gelato exporter wasnt working . and YAFRAY was giving me very stupid results…in the first one i have just used two lamp to show some of the car and used many white boxes for the white reflections .
and in the rest of them i have used a sun …
so can you ppl guide me through the lightning and materials ??
and about the modelling i have made it in less than 2 hours and thanks to mirror modifeira

by the way i also need a big help in resources for hdri and i can use them but not properly and i need help in that too.


well, since i’m not done with my Lamborghini Gallardo and i cant test a specific scenario because i’m not done, let’s try with yours, eh?

put the car inside a box big enough to fit three or four cars bumper to bumper
remove the face directly in front and on top of the car
subsurf the remaining box and ctrl+R where necessary to curve edges
turn on GI/AO and remove all lamps
make sure threads/processors are set to however many you have:) (i used to process with one until i found out i could with four for my quad)

here’s what i’ve got so far:

Pwnage :- i have treid what you said but didnt get any thing just black screen and after i have rendered it with blender internal i have got good results :-


BY THE WAY …what is the best renderer ?cuz i want to buy some thing good …my bro told me that softimage|xsi is easeir and better and some of the moveis were made using it so would i buy it or countinue using blender…i myslef like blender cuz when i saw its screens it was looking so messy and blender is tidy and easy ???

very nice so far!!!

hey thanx JSfreak…

so you tried yafray and got black? that’s because you still have to install yafray:)

but nice results with AO. try upping the intensity

and i’m kind of a noob at materials. i’d love to know how you made the floor texture in your decal shot. help would be appreciated

acually i have yafray and when i said black screen i meant black scene and i can only see the emmitted abjects and i will try upping AO settings …
actualyly that was just an asfalt textured floor with maximum of bump map and doesnt matter how much you give the RAYMIROR it will look the same i have turned off the specularity and that look is due to the colour of the sky

Bad @$$. Good job.

Here is a picture for the back side :-
With Radiosity&AO :-
with out Radiosity just AO :-

You can always try indigo if you want. It does awesome stuff but its a bit capricious. anyway, the renders are hot :slight_smile: good job.

renderers i have treid :-
1.The indigo crashes for me after exporting and loading nodes i have Dloaded it twice but it crashed again …i will be very happy if you ppl tell me how to fix this error and the strange thing is that it only crashes for this model …
2.Luxrenderer works but it doesnt show the textures and bump maps
3.gelato crashes while exporting
4.yafray … i dont like the resutls i get with yafray

nice renders

i have an idea! make a road and put some grass and wind and DOF and HDRI. talk about SWEET

or build some uber sexai indoor scene like so:

the second one looks great but cant make exactly like that …but the problem is where do i get GOOD HDRI’s from ?

Some little updates on the front side and materials :-