Mitsubisi Eclipse (1st Update!)

(The_Enigma) #1

Well, after some scheming, and some panning, and thinking about whether or not I’d ever actually finish it if I started, I’ve finally begun. The plan is to make a nice outdoor road and have a car drive along it (like in a commercial). So, here is the rough model of the car (very very rough). I’ve chosen a Mitsubishi Eclipse Coupe because my cousin is in love with that car, and he and I both agreed it’d be a nice car to see driving around!

Here it is:

(BgDM) #2

You were right when you said very, very rough. Indeed. Tough to say anything on it right now, other than, keep on going.


(scrappy) #3

very rough, have you ever modeled a car before??? when i make cars i start off with a piece at a time (ie. a door, then quarter panel, then fender…duplicate the side and make a roof, hood and trunk. the model will look much better if more time is spent on each seperate panel IMHO…:wink:

(Idgas) #4

Yea i tried a car once and got really frustrated and quite. It does take alot of time and patience and time and patience… oops did say that twice.

(The_Enigma) #5

Thanks for the idea scrappy, and yes I have modeled a car before, to an extent. I’ve done an F1 (in the gallery of my website, the only page) and for that I used this method, where I make one whole big body from an outling (top and side view along with many other pics for details of shape) and add detail in progressive steps. Although an F1 is much much different in terms of modeling because of their shape and overall look (no doors :-? ) but I’ll try your method and see if it makes more sense :wink: unfortuneatly I’m not the best at modeling so, don’t expect it to be superb!

(The_Enigma) #6

I’ve gone back and started remodeling (or modeling for the first time in most cases) parts of the car. I would have done more but I’ve been busy with school and games. I’ve managed to model the front bumper, hood and some rough wheels :slight_smile:

Here it is:

(BgDM) #7

The front end is looking great now. The rear seems to be a little high for that car. From what I know the back end doesn’t sit that high up. Could be just the camera angle you have there.

Keep it up.