My latest gun-girl, drew it today. Too small imo, so I’ll try to fix it in PS and practice with the wacom some more…c&c please…

Nice! But is it meant to be a sketch? 'caus if so it is nice but if not, well… But anyways nice sketch

I’ve got an update…not that anyone here cares %|
C&C if you want…

if you wanna colour it up in PS or Gimp or somthing, i will use it for a concept challenge at blender battles. its a very good drawing.


Thanks! what do I need to do, besides coloring?

Add some weight to the lines. Heavier lines where it is in shadow, lighter in light, and very thin lines only in brilliant light. Don’t be afraid to go thick. For example, on the lower edge of the left arm, you could easily make the line width three, even four times as thick.

As you practice, this will begin to give a real dimentionality to the character (which, btw, I like). Also, get a picture of a 1911. That will help the back edge and the grip significantly.

Good work. Keep it up!

very good! way above my level…althought i think the legs looked abit better in the first one…maybe that’s just me thought

Here’s some reference pics of 1911’s for ya:

A larger picture

And a humongous (3008 x 2000) picture.

Thanks digital_me, if you notice the gun is still pencil…this’s helpfull!

very nice Cativo,would like to see it coloured. :slight_smile:

i really liked the eyes in the first sketch… so intense!

I agree with shteeve… those eyes were excellent, along with the positioning of the head.

Thanks --=leon=–, shteeve, paroneayea…I didn’t the position of the head, just changed the angle of the whole drawing…actually I think I prefer the angle on the first one…about the eyes…The only comments I got were @ Polykarbon and they were not encouraging, so I changed them…
I will try to post a color “scheme” soon…dark colors I think would look good, right?
Here it is: a color test…along with a background concept!
oh and the gun is just temporary…

looking nice,but you have only cold colors here,you need to balance the painting with some warm colors,maybe change the background colors,add some orange+yellow tones.

as for the colors going out of the borders,making a work path with a selection can help,use different layers too.

I agree with Leon’s last comment. Also, the left thigh clothing looks a bit like dryer hose (you know, the stuff that leads from the exhaust of your clothes dryer to outside). Is there any possibility of shaping it better? I can’t say exactly how, since I’m sure that I’d just make it worse – just a suggestion.


Here it is: a color test…along with a background concept!

I do apriciate the suggestions tho…I’m bad at color balance…

here’s what the clean color version, I changed some of the colors…including the eyes…I had to re-scan the drawing at a higher res to fix some of the lines…the guns was done in PS with a wacom…I have to think of a better background now…C&C welcome!

the last one looks very clean,but the colouring is a little flat,i did just a very quick post/pro to show you what i mean,add some shadows and highlights to add some depth.
the shadows direction depends on the light source,i did those shadows,supposing that the light source is on the left of the girl.

p.s sorry for playng with your pic :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s pretty good! I guess I forgot to mention that besides a background I need the shading…I’ll post an update soon! btw I really apreciate you comments/help!

Ok, I’m calling this done…ignore the crappy background, I couldn’t come up with something more interesting…