Mix familial & workshop house

Really fab! Your greenery is superb!

Nothing less than brilliant, as usual! Love the wine and the hammered vases, and everything else…just incredible! Killer lighting, but I need not say more, congrats on the top row! :smiley:

Really awesomness!!! Hard works take long times, but it will be legendary :wink:

Sweet justice man. That is awesome. It looks like you completely modeled and textured the entire house. Why don’t you make an animation of the camera panning around the rooms? Man would you gain some fame for that.

Whoa, nice! I especially like the fourth render, but they all look great.
Keep up the good work.

Excellent work.
I too would like a peek at the wireframes, especially the bedroom with the unmade bed.

Picky? : only unreal feel looking through the images was the Renault Megane at the entrance drive. Not sure what it is, possibly seems slightly big and/or possibly the lighting/reflections.
Excellent building “aging - griming” with the water drips on the facad, high up, by the parapets. Was this not post-processing??


You attention to detail is amazing as always, really fine job man :slight_smile:

Oh My God. Absolutely awesome work. Respect.

amazing work!
is it possible to see some wire of your work???

amazing man, how long did it take you to build all of that?

This is obscenely detailed! how long did it took to create? I just can’t imagine the kind of patience necessary to build it. You must be a zen master!

Hi and thanks to everyone for viewing and commenting, much appreciate your kind words.

I’ll try to post some wires later on for those interrested.

@DerekG1080: I didn’t used the curve script for the trees, as said I developped my own generator in Python but unfortunately it only works in Blender 2.49, I tried to port it in 2.6 but programming the UI was a huge work compared to what could be done in 2.49 so I stop the conversion :confused:

@jballew : Nothing weird on the rocks picture, just the reflection of the window and trees :wink:

@polygobblerr : I have a now quite old I7 machine with 16Gb of memory (mandatory for such huge scenes), 1 GTX480 for the display and 2 GTX580 3GB for the rendering. To be honnest, ArchViz is not my cup of tea, from an artistical point of view 3D should be use to create images full of emotion and carring some messages and not simply to try to reproduce what you could get by a simple cam shot, but when I’m out of inspiration ArchViz is a good way to keep in touch and practice :wink:

@Thecoolman5 : Well each time I start a new project I have animation in mind but each time I find stills much more expressive. Also animation with the standalone version of Octane is not that simple, so now that the Blender integrated version is available this should be simplier and I seriously consider starting an animation project soon or later …

@IvI : I confirm, patience is the key, not only for the modeling but also for the rendering, even if the render time decreases from year to year and even if today a render can be achieve into about 30 min compared to the 3 days required some years ago, it’s always tooooooooooo long :wink:

enricoeric is a master of indoor scenes. Wherever he’s working and whatever he’s making, it isn’t enough :wink:

Have you written any books, enricoeric?

This is just incredible! Just love it!

Nice work! I’m inspired to do my jungle house scene on cycles.

Awesome! very beautiful scene!

Wouldn’t it be easier just to take pictures of the real thing?? Haha… It’s hard for me to tell if these are made in Blender or they’re actually photos. Great job, really beautiful!

dude … A lot of this work, makes me feel very small, it’s like I did not understand anything!

dude … A lot of this work, makes me feel very small, it’s like I did not understand anything!

Truly inspiring work as usual enricoeric!!! You’re portfolio is huge and amazing!!!