Mix procedural bump node with normal map

I have some procedural noise whch is feed into a bump node. The output is of type normal (vector?) I also have a traditional normal map into a normal node. the output is also normal. I want to mix these two using a mask. I know I can do it by feeding them into separate BSDFs and then using a mix node, but I’d rather not do that. I want to mix them before hand and then feed them into the shaders. If you’re wondering, the noise is for skin bumps and the normal map is for lip creases.

So for what you’re going for, you couldn’t just do this with the normal input socket on the bump node?

You might also want to try a color mix node that mixes the outputs of a normal map node and a bump node with the type kept at ‘mix’.

Do just like that:

I’ve tested this and it worked perfectly fine.

@acedragon --That is good. That works. The nodes looks little funky, but once they’re put in groups you’ll never see it.

Yeah I put the normal map output into the bump, and am using the mask for two things now. I’m mixing color (128 128 255) purple back into the normal map, making it’s strength effectively 0 (or very low for the sculpted pores which aren’t very good) and then using it to mix the shaders (Red glossy for the lips, and the regular skin material.)

Very nice. Thank you.

@gorian, Wow that does work. Very nice. That is a really nice.

Both ways work. Note Out of habit I put a normal node after the color mix node, but you just feed the mix node color output into the normal inputs on the bsdfs.

Thanks both!