Mix shader-Add shader and pink objects


Actually I am experimenting with Blender 2.80 and Eevee but Cycles produces same results:
I am trying to Mix/Add ObjectsInfo-Random feature and TextureCoordinate node to MAPPING node but no matter if its Add or Mix shader it produces famous pink objects…
Its even only inserting MIx or Add produces pink. Random does not interfere.

It’s because the wind is blowing to the east. Wait until tomorrow when the wind is blowing north and everything should be working fine again…

On a more serious note - at least meet us half way and post screenshots of your node setup and render result…or even a blend file so people can see what’s going on. Could you figure out what is wrong based on the little information you have posted?

Damn right, just supposed that ))
Of coz Iam submitting some pics:

PS. When the idea of random factor may not be correct still I should not obtain ‘missing bitmap’ symptoms ?
(Bump reconnected to Displacement)

Your object info and texture coordinate nodes are fed into a mix shader. You can only connect other shaders (glossy, diffuse, transparent etc.) to a mix shader. (Green input)

What about AddShader?

The same thing. You can only connect shaders to those green inputs.

try a mixrgb, that works

Thx a lot, ill try.

Yep - generally only same colour nodes should be connected.

There is some flexibility with yellow, grey and even blue nodes - but you generally have to know what you are doing.

Green nodes however cannot be connected to any colour other than green under any circumstances

Green nodes convey complex shader information that simply cannot be interpreted by any other node colour.

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