Mix Shader not working

Hi all, hope you are doing well. I am trying to follow the steps presented by particle tutorial but after adding mix shaders, my particles are still homogeneously same color. I would appreciate if anyone can suggest a fix. Is it a Node Wrangler issue?

The particle info node’s random output outputs a number (from 0-1) not a vector. You should plug the random output straight into the mix nodes factor (without the mapping node or the colour ramp)

If you get rid of only the mapping node in your setup, the colour ramp would be clipping the random output (giving you less different colours).

You could use a colour ramp like this:

IMPORTANT: The particle info node only works for Cycles NOT EEVEE.

For eevee use the object info node instead of the particle info node (it also has a similar random output)


Ah Blender…so elusively powerfull and yet not completely discovered by individual. I wonder how coders interpretate this program and those who finalize shapes (interface etc.) what we tend to use.

Hmmm… I chcecked anyway video from Alessandro Zomparelli channel you’ve posted for me and enabled tissue add on ( still practice with that ). Could you give me more info ( links ) to skilled tutors of modeling\ geometry nodes? I am searching by myself but theres long road ahead. Anyways I dont want to waste my time, so i need help from other blender users. I would like to become someday a pretty skilfull blender artist\ user, so… :slight_smile:

edit: by mistake posted in wrong topic, sorry… anyways yhanks for help

Yes blender just goes on and on! That is one of the things I like most about it.

I have not got much into geo nodes much yet.

In general there are loads of tutorials out there some better and some worse, I find watching too many of them boring.

It also depends on your tast. Andrew Price has some great in depth tuts, but to be honest I can not stand them!

I think my best advice for you is to concentrate on what you want to do and search info/tutorials on specific tasks and when you need them. Practice is always the best way of learning, set yourself goals and go for them.

I also tend to look through the titles on this forum and click the ones that seem interesting, there is a mine of information here.

Nice to hear from you (although we are going off topic!)

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Thank you so very much. Quick follow up question. With this approach, colors will be the same throughout the simulation. The previous method was claimed to have the ability to alter the emission as they move around and interact

Ok, I did not actually see the tutorial, I have seen it now.

I was wrong, sorry to confuse you, using the mapping node does have the same effect, the setup you posted should have worked.

I still do not really understand why he uses the mapping node, it is not necessary, if you get rid of it and plug the random directly into the colour ramp the setup works the exactly the same. So both his and my setup are basically doing the same thing.

He is using the colour ramp to cull the amount of red particles (as I said would happen).

I think maybe your problem was that you were using the particle info node with eevee?

If you are using eevee replace the particle info node with the object info node.

This will work with both methods.
Both of those nodes (particle info and object info) also have a location output that you can use to change the colour as shown at the end of the video.


Awesome! Thanks a ton
Using the object info node fixed the issue.