Mixamo Animation + Blender = Problems!!

Hello Everyone,
I am working on a GIF for the upcoming ProjectED fire competition, using Blender and Mixamo, but have run into a minor, OK actually quite big, setback; the two do NOT play nicely together. You can see what I mean in the .blend here: http://www.pasteall.org/blend/30648

The model is horribly disfigured, and looks more like a spider than a giant. Granted, I can see an animation in there, plus it looks vaugley similar to what Mixamo advertised, so does anyone know how to import Mixamo animations and rigs to Blender?

-Thanks in advance for the help!

Select the armature and enter edit mode. In the armature properties panel, under display, enable x-ray. Now you can see the armature posed in a striking stance, but the character in is a classic t-pose, that’s your problem.

When the armature is in edit mode, it’s in it’s ‘rest’ pose, and the mesh should match.

Maybe try importing again from scratch?

Select the mesh object, and move it to another object layer, that way you’ll only view the armature. Play the animation, and the armature moves around radically… so the animation didn’t come in when imported…