Mixamo animation blending Update

Hey there!
This is my first take using Mixamo animations in order to make a short animation.
The plan is to only use those, and blend them in clever ways and plan out the cameras accordingly.

This is 4 animations in order to make her trip on that small cube.

Has anyone made a project like this? If so please link it!

Have a great day!

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I like this video very much. I made some dancing animation using mixamo. Mixamo is a great tool and I have a lot of fun using the mixamo.
Here is a good YouTube tutorial about Mixamo

You can import motion capture animation and blend transition among two motion capture.
There is a mixamo rig to change the motion capture pose in your desirable pose, adjust motion capture pose as you wish.
I hope you will finish your the pink character, it is cute and fun video.
Keep good work!

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Hi, I´m glad you think I shall continue working on this. She is just a base, I am practicing making base-characters from primitives.

I will keep exploring it.

So I added hair to the model to see how it looks and behaves together with the Mixamo-animations.

This is how that looks.