Mixamo animation for my existing character

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all doing well.
I’m new in Blender, started a month ago.

I’ve spent some time to create a dress with the Cloth simulation and I am now quite happy with the result and would like to move forward with the animation.

It will be a ghost - the mesh of the character won’t appear on the render, we will only see the dress moving.

My question is how can use a mixamo animation with this creation ?

I am facing a problem which is that in order to create the dress I wanted, I did adjust every vertices in order to create the perfect shape onto a certain T pose of my character. Then when I click ‘play’ the dress is all sewing together properly.

But if I send my character to mixamo and get it an animation I like, then the pose that was used to create the dress doesn’t existe anymore.

In order to create the T pose, I did use a auto rig from MakeHuman and the character was upload in a MHX2 file.

2nd interrogation
In order to get a perfect shape for the dress I had to scale up a lot both the character and the dress.
How can I scale it back to a normal size and keep the cloth simulation perfect ? Do I need to bake the animation then scale it down ? Is it the good process ?

Thank you in advance for your answers :slight_smile: