Mixamo contest-The Vanguard 2-nd character done.

Hey there. Although I feel Im done with the model, I still have doubts. Feel free to share what seems wrong to you. I dont know if I want to add anything to the background, so if you think you have a good suggestion, fire away. Im hoping that the model looks finished cause Im getting short on time, not regarding the contest deadline. Will have probably a day so spare on the model before I submit it, so your imput will be more than welcome. Your overall 1st impression is important aswell.

Thanks in advance.

It looks fantastic. Are you going to add some more textures?

I was thinking about it but Im not sure what I want to add. Wanted to add a skull texture to the shoulders or something like that. The weapons are just to complement the model. I wont have time to texture them…I think.

Ok. This might be a long shot but I might redo the model completely. I dont know if I will have enough time-3 days to go. I would like to know what elements from the model you like the most and I should keep and try to implement in the new version.
The model is posted in the Finished projects section aswell with a shot from the rear.
Im not sure if people are shy or just cant be arsed to comment but I would realy use to feedback right about now.

I made a second character due to lack of any kind of feedback.