Mixamo for static poses? (Or a collection of mannequins in various static poses)

Hi everyone!

Beginner hobbyist here. I’m wondering if there is something out there that can help me quickly prototype scenes with humanoid figures in different, accurate-enough static poses (eg. man handing flower to girl, girl with arms clasped behind back) that I can download / buy and drop them into my scene and tweak as necessary.

I’ve found Mixamo to be an amazing tool for pre-made animations, but I was looking for something similar but just for static poses.

I have gone down the rabbit hole of learning rigging and all that’s involved (Rigify tutorials galore). I will learn it and improve at it over time, but right now, it feels like a mountain to climb to get each individual pose I have in mind to look right, and even then, I’m not even sure I’d want those poses in the final scene. So playing around with some pre-made things would be ideal.

Thanks in advance!

You can export only the pose from mixamo. I have not heard of a pose library and the only thing you can do is getting the right reference to have the pose faster than just trial and error.

There are premade photos scanned people that have special poses. But i dont think this is useful.

I see the option to download pose only on Mixamo. Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll see where I end up with this and reference photos.

I should also mention: in my search to avoid learning how to pose in Blender, I’ve briefly explored MakeHuman, MB-Lab, DAZ3D/Poser and even https://shunsukesaito.github.io/PIFuHD/ (take a photo of myself in various poses, then digitize it), but these still don’t seem like a good fit for what I’m looking for. But then again, I haven’t dug in too deep into each category yet, so I may come back around again to one of these in the future.

Interesting information, enjoyed the PiFuHD presentation… think I have watched that before.

In my opinion… learn to pose figures. DAZ and other figure programs are very good… even Blender is very good to take a 3D figure and move it instead of trying to scan…“part of a figure” to pose it for “what?”.

You loose the details using this process. Enjoy playing with these new technicians… But, don’t kid yourself… practice and learn to “manipulate” a 3D figure. Disney for one of many simply do this.

You risk having blobs using the techniques you indicate. Practice, watch videos and learn to “Manipulate” a 3D figure object like a master.

best to you…