Mixamo no longer Supports BVH files... HELP!

Hi! i use makewalk add-on to import mocap data from mixamo free motion library. Now it has been a while since i’ve done some work, and when i go and look animations for a new project i find the awfull surprise that Mixamo no longer supports BHV files, only FBX, FBX for unity and 3ds. Now, if that’s the case. How could i extract easily motion data from the fbx rig and just add it to my own rig? or even convert the fbx to a bhv file. it is even posible? I hope you’ll understand my frustation since BVH is the format i’ve always worked… and mixamo is the only place where i have a free library and to some changes to the final animation before downloading, so any solution or workaround to the FBX format would be nice

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That is a very good question.
I’m looking to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5V-xfKnVWvo

I’d be interested to know which solution you have found.