Mixamo online rigging

Hey, Ok i am sorry but i haven’t Searched for a Topic on this :no:

I read on a Unity Forum that Blenders Rigging is Horrible and that people should use “Mixamo online rigging”

Now of course people are biased here:p

But is it a good choice, or is the Rigging not so bad?

Here is some bacon:

A video of it.

it’s not bad at all. i weight the models quite fast. the weight painting works fine for me. and when i need, i can refine vertex by vertex

I was not so happy with it. I use build in rigify and it simply works plus it has great animation controls, IK/FK switching, visibiliy, hinge and what not.

Rigging Isn’t an easy topic, for anyone saying that rigging sucks in Blender, they probably don’t have a full understanding of it, IMO its takes years to understand rigging unless you are very determined, and you can hardly expect to be good at rigging if you don’t have animation experience.

Kinda funny really, you want to make a rig to animate yet you should know how to animate in order to make a proper rig.

As a side note having some python scripting experience won’t hurt in making your job a lot easier.

Does this apply to rigging in general or only for the most common subjects (humanoids, animals, etc) ?
I’m asking because I really can’t imagine how experience in animation (2d/cartoon animation or 3d animation?) should be necessary to rig mostly undeformable, mechanical, hard surface objects or more in general just to simply make a model posable for still renders.

I’m mainly referring to the usability factor of the rig, Its not that you can’t rig if you don’t have animation experience, its more about using that animation experience to influence how you build that rig, helping you build it so that it is much more usable.

For something mechanical, in most cases, wouldn’t fall in this category except for maybe a robot, none of this necessarily applies to stills, but it could.

Animation experience, is animation experience, is animation experience.