Mixamo Releases Online Auto-Rigger

We at Mixamo is pleased to announce the release of our Auto-Rigging feature. Mixamo has been bettering the world of 3d animation for over two years now and in an attempt to streamline the rigging process we created a brand new Auto-Rigger system from scratch.


All online and in a matter of minutes you can have a fully rigged and skinned character ready for use in your scenes or games. No software to download, permanent back up, fbx output. Just point and click Auto-Rigging.

Auto-Rigger works with single or multiple overlapping or non-overlapping meshes. Once you pay for the rig on a character you can re-rig the character as many times as you want with the service. Every time we update the service you get the updates on the character for free!

Our goal is to make general rigging much faster and easier for all 3d artists. If you give it a shot please leave some feedback, we would love to hear your thoughts.