Mixamo Rigging Error

I’ve modelled a character and I want to rig and animate on Mixamo. I’ve done it before with my other characters and it worked fine but this one has errors I couldn’t figure out why.
The problem is it gives an error when i import it in fbx format, it works when i import it to mixamo in obj format but that way the materials does not show up. I tried to import it as a zip file with obj and mtl files but it gives me an error as it does in fbx. Which is this one:

The model is this one:

Does this help?


Mixamo supports 3 file formats for upload: FBX, OBJ, ZIP.

  • Make sure “embed media” is turned on for FBX files to upload your textures.
  • OBJ files don’t include textures, making characters appear gray. To show textures for an .obj file, put the .obj, .mtl and textures into a .zip and upload the whole .zip file.

EDIT or this :

The Mixamo automatic rigging system only works for humanoid characters and has a few other specific requirements.

Ensure that the following is true for your project:

  • The character is humanoid with distinguishable head, body, arm, and leg areas. If the character proportions are too deformed, the auto-rigger may not work.
  • The character does not have large extra appendages or props. For example, extra limbs, wings, and tails or large hair and clothing items may not work.
  • The character is in a default or neutral pose. Auto-rigging may not work if the character is largely asymmetric or posed prior to rigging.
  • There is no other content in the file. Extra helper objects, cameras, or scene objects cause the auto-rigger to not work.
  • There are no spaces between any of the parts. For example, the auto-rigger does not work on floating heads that are disjoined from the body.
  • The character is centered in the scene. The auto-rigger works best when characters are set to the (0,0,0) origin of the world. This prevents animation offsets happening from unit differences.
  • The character mesh is clean and error free. The auto-rigger performs more reliably on characters with clean meshes as well as provides higher-quality animations.
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Thank you for that, but i tried them all before asking here. maybe I’m missing something idk

I don’t use OBJ format, but can’t you reapply he texture once you bring it back into Blender?
Also, I’m pretty sure there’s a way to copy/retarget animations from a mixamo character to other rigged characters in Blender. So you could use the OBJ method, then retarget the animation to your fully textured character in Blender. I think it’s called EXSPY.

Yep, I’m doing that also but everytime i want an animation I gotta do that. I wanted to know if there was an easier way.

Again, I don’t know much about how Mixamo works, but I noticed that you have a lot of separate bezier curves converted to meshes. What if you join all the mesh parts together? Except for the bow. Maybe Mixamo has a problem with all of the separate pieces. Maybe even the hair. Or even leave the curve meshes separate and then reparent them once you’ve brought your animated model back in.


Thank you, it didn’t work, probably I couldn’t do it :sweat_smile:

Too bad. At least you have a workaround, even though it’s not the easiest one. You can still export as obj and then retarget to your shaded character.

Yep, thanks! I guess I was looking for a magical solution.