Mixcraft 7; ultra-powerful music studio for Blender animations, games, ect...


Acoustica really pulled out the big guns here, version 7 has finally arrived with 2 flavors (the higher tier being for serious artists who want every effect and instrument they could possibly want).

They also have a new feature for game-centric music as well, a ‘bit crusher’ filter that means it’s even able to make music for retro-styled games as well. It also comes with a simple suite of features for video sequencing for general video editing.

This is only a fraction of the price of other big name music software solutions, but it’s powerful enough to take LMMS, run circles around it, and grind it into grain-sized confetti that gets entombed inside a solid gold brick (which then gets thrown into a volcano).

What is it good for, any of your Blender projects that need music, vocals, tracks, and other audio components. To be honest I did try LMMS once before, but it just felt so ‘basic’ compared to even the older Mixcraft versions. My opinion is that the Mixcraft solution provides the most powerful punch per-dollar that you can find right now, thoughts?

I can vouch for Mixcraft being a good prosumer product, I wouldnt say its the best choice out there but it certainly covers the bases without breaking your wallet while also maintaining a fairly easy to work with interface. Having the video attached makes it far more convenient.

My father offered to upgrade me to version 7 Pro Studio it from Mixcraft 5 standard, I could’ve paid for it myself, but it was a Christmas gift.

It’s like last year when I geared my Christmas wish list towards a larger gift that would benefit my work (I started working on a game in the Godot engine and thought it would be nice to have updated music software for music and sound effects), much like how my Blender work benefited from the LED monitor I got last year.

And yes, I agree it’s a good choice if you want something powerful without a hefty price tag (the big brand name software used by large studios costs hundreds more). There’s also the Home Studio edition for those who don’t want to spend very much on such software for now, much more limited, but still more powerful than LMMS.